Perimenopause & Me

Are perimenopause symptoms worse before a period?

Are perimenopause symptoms worse before a period?

Not only do we have to contend with periods but as we age we need to think about perimenopause symptoms when we reach out 40’s and 50’s.
Some perimenopause symptoms can mimic premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and some women find that during the perimenopause their PMS symptoms can get worse.

Irritability, weight gain, breast tenderness, bloating and digestive issues can be present. Because of fluctuating hormone levels, progesterone could make moodiness worse coupled with a drop in oestrogen levels which can cause hot flushes, irregular bleeding and a host of other symptoms. Missing out on sleep in addition to a whole range of unpleasant perimenopausal symptoms can aggravate PMS symptoms and your ability to cope with them.

There is good news in that once your periods stop after menopause you should no longer suffer with PMS.

Don’t forget to to consult with your doctor or medical practitioner as there may be treatments or options available to manage your symptoms.

Some tips that I try during the perimenopause which may help to relieve PMS symptoms are:-

– making time for myself whether that be having a cup of chamomile tea or saying no to a night out
– stress management through yoga or chatting to a friend
– Choosing healthy foods and drinking plenty of water
– Exercising gently for example going for a walk
– Not smoking, or drinking alcohol
– There are suggestions that supplements containing calcium, vitamin D, vitamin D, B6, magnesium and omega-3 six and 9 can help too.

It may be helpful to keep a diary of your symptoms so that you can monitor them, be prepared for what ups and downs may occur during the month and also to discuss your symptoms with your doctor. It is important to understand what is happening to your body whether you are in perimenopause or not.