Perimenopause & Me

Can the perimenopause cause fatigue?

Fatigue or extreme tiredness during the perimenopause is a symptom many women complain about. And doing too much whilst fighting any of the number of perimenopausal symptoms can cause an increase of your fatigue.

If you suffer with night sweats and insomnia, this can obviously exasperate your perimenipause tiredness further. It’s no wonder that you feel so tired and unable to concentrate or think clearly.

Healthy eating helps during the perimenopuase

Combating perimenopause fatigue

Making sure that you eat well, including fresh fruit, vegetables and protein and plenty of water throughout the day, can help. As can some form of exercise which will increase your energy levels. Try to aim for about 30 minutes exercise every day. This can include gentle walking and yoga.

It’s difficult to not reach for the fizzy drinks and sweet drinks and even coffee when you’re feeling tired, however these will ultimately give you a crash and burn. If you are bleeding more heavily during your period, it may be that your fatigue is because of an iron deficiency.

Always check any symptoms that are bothering you with a doctor to make sure that your fatigue is not caused by an underlying problem.

Relieving stress through yoga, deep breathing and meditation should help, as well keeping to a good sleep routine, perhaps including a bath and a camomile tea before bed.