Perimenopause & Me

Can perimenopause cause headaches?

Can perimenopause cause headaches?

The Perimenopause can indeed cause headaches and guess what? It’s all down to those depleting hormones again.

The relationship between oestrogen and progesterone during perimenopause contributes to your headaches.

Triggers such as:-
– stress
-lack of sleep
– not eating correctly and regularly can or contribute to your perimenopausal headaches.

If you have triggers such as a headache after eating cheese or drinking coffee or alcohol, try to avoid those things. Tension and stress can also be triggers. Therefore, it’s vitally important to relax and take time for yourself to lessen your chances of having headaches or migraines.

Some have suggested that taking magnesium can help ease headaches and migraines.Perhaps consider taking a good multivitamin containing magnesium if you feel that your diet or lifestyle is depleting your vitamin and mineral intake.