Perimenopause & Me

Do you gain weight during the Perimenopause?

Will perimenopause cause weight gain?

Perimenopause weight gain can be a symptom of the perimenopause for some women off a certain age. The age is the 40’s and 50’s.

The dreaded stomach weight gain or middle age spread is not unusual. It seems that for some during the perimenopause it becomes harder and harder to shift those extra pounds. But what is the reason for this, when you have never had a weight problem in the past? The answer is ,yes you guessed it those hormones again!

Before you start crash dieting, or cutting out important food groups consider which hormones are at play during the perimenopsuse.

Because of fluctuating oestrogen levels during perimenopause this can make us hold onto fat. Because your body needs to replace the declining oestrogen that your ovaries would have produced it looks for other sources. Body fat produces oestrogen, so your body will do anything to keep hold of this valuable fat.

Perimenopause weight gain is not inevitable

There is good news however perimenopause weight gain is not inevitable. Some easy things you can incororate into your lifestyle can help and may prevent weight gain. These include:-

– becoming more physically active
– eating less
– cutting back on alcohol
– By eliminating sweet treats you may be able to prevent the weight gain.

Some will say that it is a natural part of the ageing process to gain weight. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet will not only help control the weight but could help stabilise other symptoms such as low mood.

Some research suggests food products containing soy can mimic oestrogen production in your body and thererfore have a positive effect on failing oestrogen levels. Some examples are soy or tofu.