Perimenopause & Me

Does the perimenopause cause hair loss?

Fluctuating hormones during the perimenopause can cause many symptoms for some women. It’s not just the hot flushes that we hear about but a whole range of symptoms ranging from:-

– headaches
– weight gain
– mood swings
– changing periods
– and also hair loss.

Whilst it can be soul destroying to loose your hair, hair loss during the perimenopause does not need to be permanent.

Eating healthily, hydrating with water and avoiding stress by exercising and adopting a less stressful lifestyle can have a huge affect on your health and wellbeing during this transitional stage of your life called the perimenopause.

Some simple things you can do are :-

– to avoid harsh treatments and tight hairstyles
– to avoid damaging your hair follicles and hair

If you are concerned please visit your doctor who can take a detailed medical history and ascertain whether you are perimenopausal or if something else is causing your hair loss. They may be able to suggest suitable treatments to minimise hair loss.