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Perimenopause & Periods

How perimenopause affects periods?

How does the perimenopause affect your periods?

The perimenopause can affect your periods in so many ways, some of which are listed below. Because of fluctuating hormone levels, you may notice a change in the pattern of your periods. Your periods may come closer together or further apart. They may be shorter or longer, they may be lighter or heavier and they may cause less or more pain. This can be different for every individual woman.

You may miss periods and once this happens for 12 consecutive months, they class you as being in menopause. Remember, some women may not have any regularity at all. Some may see an end to the periods more suddenly and easily whilst some may find they are going through many disruptive symptoms for years on end. The perimenopause can last up to 10 years.

Lifestyle changes and complementary therapies may help to deal with your new patterns of menstruating. It is always worth speaking to your perfered medical specialist for advice for official clarification of any concerns you may have.

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