Perimenopause & Me

How perimenopause affects your body?

The perimenopause can affect your body in several ways.

The fluctuations in hormones can sometimes make you wonder what is happening to your body. You have probably heard of hot flushes during the perimenopause and menopause. This can affect some people and not others.

Further affects can be:-

– disturbed sleep
– weight gain
– low mood
– irritability
– acne
– aches and pains
– bloatedness
– brain fog and difficulty concentrating
– low mood
– decreased libido
– palpitations
– urinary issues such as increased need to nip to the toilet and recurring urinary tract infections
– heavy or less frequent periods
– spotting between periods
– not knowing when your period will start or even end
– cardiovascular problems
– vaginal dryness
– bone loss
– hair loss
– skin changes
– and in my case frozen shoulder and night sweats.

Whilst you may experience some, all or none of the symptoms of the perimenopause it is important to consult with your doctor where they will look at your symptoms and medical history to determine if your symptoms are to do with your hormones and the perimenopause, or if there is an underlying problem that is causing your symptoms and needs to be treated.