Perimenopause & Me

Perimenopause breast pain

Sore boobs are no fun! If you are of a certain age, middle aged and your a woman chances are you may be experiencing some perimenopause symptoms. One of which could be painful and sore boobs.

If you can’t bear to take your bra off for fear of pain, you wince when anyone comes close for a hug and you can’t roll over onto your front whilst in bed your not alone. But why are you feeling the pain now and not just before your period?

Guess what? It’s those hormones again and they can certainly play havoc with your body during perimenopause can cause breast pain.

The reason? Hormonal fluctuation. The rises and falls in your hormone levels can make your breasts sore as it can affect the tissue in the breasts. Remember, some women suffer with monthly cycle breast pain whilst not in perimenopause too. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause can all cause breast pain.

Just as some women will experience monthly breast pain related to their periods, some will find that this can also affect them during the perimenopause. The pains can vary from aching to throbbing and heaviness.

The texture of your breasts can also change as can size. It is important to check for any unusual lumps or bumps and to continue to check for any changes, seeking your doctor’s advice if you are worried about any changes or discharge from the nipple.

Some preventative measures may help, such as wearing a supportive bra can help.

Size and shape of breasts can vary throughout your cycle and during the perimenopause. Water retention can cause breast pain to become worse, so the all-important staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help as being dehydrated leads to water retention. Natural remedies and good nutrition can also help. This can come from taking evening primrose oil for its vitamin E content, B vitamins and omega-3 & 6 fatty acids.

Consider laying off the latte’s ladies as caffeine can make breast pain during the perimenopause worse. Replace the cappuccino with a relaxing herbal tea or plain hot water.

During the perimenopause, your breasts may change their shape and size, as you get older the breast tissue changes from glandular to more fatty, sometimes making them sag! (Oh the joys!) They may also shrink in size. Ensure you invest in new bras which fit and don’t dig in or rise up adding to your discomfort.

If you discover cysts or lumps and bumps which are unusual for you do not hesitate to contact your Dr to check if this is normal or not and if they relate it to the perimenopause or not.

Breast pain during perimenopause can be added to the long list of other symptoms associated with the perimenopause and menopause. This will hopefully get better once your periods stop and you are in menopause.