Perimenopause & Me

Perimenopause Tests

When perimenopause starts?

In an ideal world it would be great to take a simple test to determine if the perimenopauase was looming or if you were in the middle of it. Typically however a doctor will ask a number of questions regarding your symptoms to diagnose whether you are perimenopausal or not. These could include :-

– taking note if you are experiencing hot flushes
– asking if there are any changes to your periods
– if you are experiencing night sweats
– your age!

You may well be the best person to determine if you are in the perimenopause time of your life or not.

Ask yourself :

– am I a woman in my late 30’s ,40’s or 50’s
– am I suffering with night sweats, changes in my periods and hot flushes?

The chances are that you could well be perimenopausal.

There is no accurate blood test to confirm this as fluctuating hormones do not give an accurate test result. However I have come across a perimenopause home testing kit by the company forth, which according to their website is a finger prick type test with accredited lab analysis, I may well give this a try myself.

It is always best to consult with your Doctor if any changes to your body occur which concern you.

There are treatments available, including Hormone replacement therapy which may help to alleviate your symptoms.