Perimenopause & Me

Perimenopause when to see a doctor?

If your feeling overwhelmed with Perimenopause symptoms and are feeling fed up with having to cope with them on a daily basis, it’s time to speak to your Doctor.

There are a whole host of symptoms ranging from hot flushes to anxiety that can occur during the Perimenopause or lead up to the Menopause. Do not think that they are just part of the ageing process and something that you have to endure.

Some of these symptoms can last up to 10 years before the menopause and go on into postmenopause.

Before seeing your doctor consider writing a diary of your symptoms so that you can discuss what changes you are experiencing. Also read up on and understand what is going on for you and what treatments you have read about which may help.

Although there are many treatments available for example Hormone replacement therapies, it is ultimately your choice to be made based on weighing up the pros and cons of each treatment.

More and more research has been made over the years so that you can make an informed decision.

Always discuss changes in your body with your doctor or medical practitioner, some of your symptoms may be linked to another underlying cause and not to the perimenopause.

Your Doctor will take into account your medical history as well as your symptoms. Consider speaking to another doctor for a second opinion if you feel your questions have not been answered.

You should not need to suffer with any symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Once a proper diagnosis has been made it will be easier to become balanced and symptom-free again.

Any unusual pains or extreme symptoms should also be reported to a doctor.