Perimenopause & Me

Perimenopause why am I so tired?

Perimenopause why am I so tired?

Are you a woman that’s waking up tired and with low energy? Join the club!

Could you possibly be experiencing one of the many symptoms of the Perimenopause?

During the perimenopause changes in your hormone levels can result in many changes in your body. Not only can you experience changes to your monthly cycle and your periods but a whole host of other symptoms can arise, from hot flushes to those dreaded sleepless nights.

Some women report feeling tired, this could be due to night sweats which can wake you many times during the night resulting in lost sleep.

You know you need more sleep but why? :-

– Whilst sleeping our bodies should be repairing and regenerating, however if we lose out on sleep it is no wonder that our bodies are not performing as they should be and we feel tired.
– The sleep hormone melatonin declines as we age.
– During the perimenopause we can also experience trouble falling asleep.

So you can see that going through the perimenopause can leave you exhausted and tired.

Try to engage in activities that will help you to sleep soundly and to feel energised. Do some form of exercise, it doesn’t have to be a hard extensive work out,try:-

– yoga
– Pilates
– tai chi can give a gentle workout as can walking.

It is important to look at what foods you are eating to make sure that you have a balanced and nutritious intake of food, remembering not to skip meals.

-Drinking plenty of water and fresh fruit and vegetables will keep you hydrated and more alert.

-Avoiding alcohol, cheese and coffee before bedtime will also help, no one wants to be super alert and on a caffeine rush before bed.

-Ensure you have a lovely bedtime ritual perhaps including a bath and some aromatherapy such as Lavender to help you drift off to sleep and feel more relaxed.

It is important to also check with your doctor or health care provider if your tiredness could be the result of something other than the perimenopause, as iron deficiencies for example can make you feel tired and need to be treated. Perhaps also consider taking a good quality multivitamin which may help.

Are you maybe doing too much and your active mind is keeping you awake with thoughts and to do lists, learn to say No once in a while and don’t over commit yourself with work, social or family life. Learn to ask for help and share responsibilities. You need a break and some well earned ‘me time’ remember.

Without taking care of yourself how can you possibly take care of others.