Perimenopause & Me

What does the perimenopause feel like?

What perimenopause feels like?

The Perimenopause can feel different for each individual woman. Some women will suffer greatly during perimenopause, whilst others will seem to breeze through it.

There are several potential symptoms you may feel you experience during the perimenopause. These can range from:-

– hot flushes
– brain fog
– insomnia
– period issues
– irritability
– anger
– digestive issues
– headaches
– muscle aches

Some women will cope with no intervention, whilst some will need to visit their doctor to find out whether their symptoms are indeed because of the perimenopause and their fluctuating hormones. If that is the case then Hormone replacement therapy is one treatment that your doctor may suggest could help you.

The perimenopause can last for up to 10 years before you reach the menopause. During that time you may feel forgetful, more emotional, and that your world has turned upside down. This is all because of the rollercoaster of your hormones.

By adapting your lifestyle through healthy eating, exercise and accepting the changes that your body is going through, you can help to ease, or at least cope with, your perimenopausal symptoms.

Do not be afraid to speak up and seek help if you need to. More and more people are thankfully talking about the perimenopause and recognising the vast array of symptoms.

Some women will benefit from hormone replacement therapy, some with herbal remedies, some with lifestyle changes and some may benefit from nutritional help or supplementation.

Remember we are all different and what might feel dreadful for one person can go unnoticed for another. The perimenopause shouldn’t be something that we dread because we’ve heard horror stories about it.