Perimenopause & Me

What perimenopause treatment?

What perimenopause treatment?

Treatment for the perimenopause can depend on the severity and what symptoms you are experiencing.

Self-help and lifestyle changes can be all that is required, or hormone replacement therapy prescribed by a doctor or healthcare practitioner can be used to great effect.

Ensuring that you eat a healthy balance diet, cutback or avoid alcohol and caffeine and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated whilst undertaking gentle exercise can have tremendous benefits to any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Because your body is experiencing a drop in hormones, a doctor can prescribe hormone replacement therapy to help manage some or all of your perimenopausal symptoms. This needs to be given by your healthcare provider, having established that you are in perimenopause and that your symptoms are linked to the perimenopause.

Dosages need to be managed correctly and a detailed health check, considering your previous medical history, needs to be done. You will need to attend regular checkups to ensure that you are still on the correct dose.

Hormone replacement therapy can be considered and may come in a pill format, a gel, skin patch or cream. The benefits and risks will be given to you for you to decide by your doctor if HRT is the best treatment for you.

Complimentary and alternative therapies such as herbal remedies may suit you and your beliefs, however always seek advice from the registered practitioner and your doctor as they may interact with other medicines or not be suitable for your symptoms.