Perimenopause & Me

Which HRT for perimenopause?

Just as each woman’s symptoms may be different during the perimenopause, so too will each woman’s treatment to be different.

If hormone replacement therapy has been discussed and agreed upon by your doctor, then finding the right one for you needs to be done with your doctor’s guidance and help. Maybe you will need to try certain ones before you find the right dosage to suit you.

Women who do not have a womb can take oestrogen without progesterone however, most women take a combination of both progesterone and oestrogen. This can be administered via a skin patch, tablet, creams gels or pessaries. Your treatment with HRT will depend on where you are with your perimenopausal symptoms.

It may be you take your oestrogen replacement every day and a progesterone treatment for the last 14 days of your cycle. Or it may be that you take oestrogen every day and progesterone alongside it for 14 days every three months.

Your HRT treatment plan will need to be discussed at your appointment with your doctor or healthcare practitioner.