Perimenopause & Me

Why does the perimenopause cause weight gain

Have you noticed your jeans are getting a bit tight? Or you think you may have shrunk your favourite sweater?

Before you throw out all of your clothes and start wearing your maternity jeans again consider maybe its the dreaded middle age spread!

Are you in your 40’s and female?

If so it could it could be those hormones again to blame for that hard to shift perimenopause middle weight gain.

Why is this happening? :-

– Because your body is going through some major changes with your oestrogen levels fluctuating your body looks to retain oestrogen anyway it can.

– Fat is a source of oestrogen which can be deposited by the body especially in the tummy area.

– Because perimenopause usually occurs during midlife we are also inclined to gain weight during midlife.

There are ways to keep the Perimenopausal weight gain under control.

– We need to stay active

– Stay hydrated and eat well not only to help with avoiding excess weight gain but also to ensure we are healthy during the perimenopause and beyond.

Because you are going through the perimenopause it does not however mean that you will gain weight. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the inevitable changes that your body is going through during the perimenopause leading to the menopause.

By looking after yourself and spending a bit more time and effort planning and preparing meals and snacks you can be the healthiest, positive version of yourself and hopefully the weight gain and other symptoms which you may experience can be alleviated or even avoided altogether.