Perimenopause & Me

Will perimenopause ever end?

Will perimenopause ever end?

You may feel that the symptoms you are experiencing during the perimenopause will never end. But as with everything in life nothing stays the same. Your body is going through another phase, just like it did during puberty and whilst it may feel like a struggle for some women there are good reasons for why you may be feeling rough.

Changing hormones during the perimenopause can leave the body out of balance and suffering a whole host of symptoms.

Here is a list of some of the symptoms ……

The perimenopause can last for up to 10 years or more. The perimenopause is the transitional time to when we reach the menopause and periods have stopped for 12 consecutive months.

Whilst it may feel that the perimenopause will never end due to suffering with symptoms ranging from hot flushes to sleepless nights and more. There is no need to suffer in silence. Hormone replacement therapy is available by visiting your doctor and them assessing your symptoms and working out a treatment plan for you.

In addition ensuring you sleep well, reduce your stress levels, looking after your nutrition and cutting back your alcohol consumption can all have a beneficial effect on how you feel during the perimenopause and may lessen some or all of your symptoms.

Some women sail through this period of their lives and others wonder if it will ever end. Becoming aware of your triggers, educating yourself on what treatments are available for your symptoms and trying to remain positive can help greatly.